Work Study

Work study is a combination of two techniques Method Study and Work Measurement. While Method Study is an examination of the methods used in carrying out an activity, Work Measurement involves a Time and Motion Study of the worker who performs the activities. The objective of Work Study is to standardize the activities performed and improve the efficiency of the workers thereby improving productivity.


Method Study

Method study aims at improving methods of carrying out activities leading to effective use of all the factors of production. Below steps explain the procedure of method study.


Work Measurement

Work measurement determines the time taken by a qualified worker in completing a standardized activity (that was improved after method study). In other words, it aims at determining the effective time in completing an activity after eliminating wasteful time. The process involves two techniques

a) Time Study

b) Motion Study

It is therefore popularly known as ‘Time and Motion Study’ though Motion Study precedes Time Study.

Motion Study examines the manner in which the worker performs the activity, thereby identifying and eliminating wasteful movements.

Time study helps in measuring the time taken by the worker in completing the activity.


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